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Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation is a nonprofit organization which offers free and confidential business coaching in Northwest Missouri. We are a group of over sixty volunteers from six counties who care passionately about the success and sustainability of our rural Northwest Missouri region. We formed the Facilitation Board in order to assist our rural entrepreneurs in creating or maintaining their small business ventures. We do this for the same reason the early pioneers helped their neighbors by barn raising – we know it will strengthen and sustain our rural communities.

Each member of the Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation Board understands his or her role and duties because each has received board training, prior to joining the Board. A select number of the initial board also received more intensive training to further assist in project implementation. This training included how to effectively work with entrepreneurs, how to create an entrepreneurial environment, how to leverage various resources for entrepreneurs, and how to properly support the Enterprise Facilitator. As time goes on, the board continues to recruit and train new members.

The NWMEF Board usually meets once a month. During the meetings, the Facilitator will ask the board for assistance with specific issues facing clients. The Board spends an hour brainstorming resources and possibilities so that each issue can be successfully resolved by the client. The board also monitors the progress of the project through monthly reports from the Facilitator on client activities, including the number of new or expanded businesses, and new or retained jobs. Once a year the Board conducts random client surveys to assess the project.


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Enterprise Facilitator- Keli Morris

Board Members

Andrew County
Charles "Rusty" Chester
Wesley Dunn
Jon Ecker
Cindy Esely
Ginger Geeding
Dr. Phil Geeding
Gordon Ide
Elaine Ingle
Jerry Ingle
Sr. Nancy Kamau, LSOSF
Gail Kincaid
Gary Kincaid
Sr. Christine Martin, OSF
Paula Price
Sr. Kathleen Reichert, OSF
Jeanne Rost
Jason Sarsany
David Stafford
Kyle Stafford
Julie Valasek
Kevin Valasek
Annette Weeks
Ben Weeks

Atchison County
Marilyn Alldredge
Bob Alldredge
Monica Bailey
DC Freemyer
Jennifer Herron
Curtis Livengood
Roger Livengood
Cindy Sons
Virginia Vernon

Worth County

Alan Adrews
Jo Andrews
John Andrews
Cathy James
Sherri James
Debbie Roach
Tammy Ueligger

Gentry County
Anne Cook
Doug Evenson
Judy Garrett
Janet Hunsucker
Kent Peterson
Lynn Ratliff
David Waltemath
Connie Worden

Holt County
Debbie Baker
Karl Forehand
Linda Gardner
Robert Gibson
Arnold Kreek
Joe Laukemper
Scott Laukemper
Mason McIntire
Mark Quick
Mark Sitherwood
Larry Thomas
Richard White
Clifton Wilson
Dr. Roy Wilson

Nodaway County
Ben Blackford
Audra Bradley
Bob Bush
Bob Cooper
Donald Erickson
Debbie Fannon
Martin Goedken
Jana Hanson
Ken Henggeler
Polly Howard
Jim Jacoby
Fr. Daniel Petsche, OSB
Michael Richardson
Jerry Rivera
Beth Savage
David Shadinger
Kristi Sons
Todd Stagner
Bryan Twaddle

Shawn Drew
Dan Hegeman
Chad Higdon
Roberta Jones
Dale Krueger
Jim Lower
Laura Osborn
Deb Powers
Pam Tyler

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